Patangata Station is in the unique position that it owns the local butcher shop – Waipawa Butchery is located 15kms away from The Station, all of the stations top quality beef and lamb sold in the Butchery comes from exclusively from Patangata Station.


Patangata Station is a supplier to a select few restaurants; Chefs appreciate the quality Beef and Lamb produced at the station, the personal care they receive from our award winning butchery team and the heritage which makes Patangata Station such a sought after supplier.

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All the beef and lamb in the Waipawa Butchery is finished on Patangata Station, 15 Kms away from the shop. Our animals are fed a delicious mix of ‘fresh grass and nutrient rich green plants, they nibble away on plantain, clover, kale and a range of the Long White Clouds natural grasses all year round.


Beautifully marbled juicy



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Patangata Station is in the unique position that it owns the local butcher shop – Waipawa Butchery, which is located 15kms away. All the Angus Pure beef and lamb that is sold in the Butchery comes from Patangata Station. Beef and lamb is also supplied to various restaurants. Chefs appreciate the fact they can show and tell guests that their lamb and beef comes from this one particular location – Patangata Station in Central Hawke’s Bay.


We are a small production house with only 15 Beef & Lamb boxes available per day. Dismiss

Christmas Ham

Our extremely delicious hams are hand prepared in store by our team of

dedicated butchers.  We source our hams from pig care accredited New Zealand Pork. 
We then smoke them over a manuka chip to give that traditional flavour.