Patangata Station is in the unique position that it owns the local butcher shop – Waipawa Butchery is located 15kms away from The Station, all of the stations top quality beef and lamb sold in the Butchery comes from exclusively from Patangata Station.


Patangata Station is a supplier to a select few restaurants; Chefs appreciate the quality Beef and Lamb produced at the station, the personal care they receive from our award winning butchery team and the heritage which makes Patangata Station such a sought after supplier.

We have a few key people
making this story a reality.

Our Team


It all starts in the shop, every week with Farmer Duncan (the owner) selecting the most handsome animals from the paddock for the shop.

Justin and our friendly butchers set to work, happy in the knowledge that they are delivering top notch, consistent, quality, cuts to our customers, because they know that Farmer Duncan will grow and supply only the finest animals for his butchery.

We have four butchers, one sausage specialist, three production staff and several helpful shop assistants and Heather in accounts. And not to forget our fantastic gals and guys at our 4 pop-up shop locations: Napier, Hastings, Dannevirke and Palmerston North.


Duncan Smith & Annabel Tapley-Smith


Duncan Smith is the Patangata Station owner/farmer and the co-owner of the Waipawa Butchery. He loves farming but also enjoys people, so you will find Duncan behind the Butchery counter two afternoons a week, most probably sampling new products and making suggestions for what meat is best to buy for your optimum enjoyment.

Annabel Tapley-Smith, married to Duncan, is co-owner of the business and a big part of the inspiration to connect their farming enterprise to an exclusive local retail market. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, human resources, event management and sponsorship and is the person to contact for all enquires in these areas. Happy staff, happy lamb chops!


Family is important to Duncan and Annabel, they are supported by numerous family and friends who offer encouragement, guidance and positivity for their new ventures.

The Smith’s have been in Central Hawke’s Bay since before WWII and started shopping at the Butchery in 1948 – the year it opened.