Patangata Station beef and lamb is

Hormone, GM, and Antibiotic free

Patangata Station is a family run farming operation, located in the picturesque Tuki Tuki Valley of Central Hawke’s Bay.

Duncan Smith & Annabel Tapley-Smith and their two children, Tabatha and Rupert are sheep, beef and cropping farmers.

They are passionate about quality, farming and having a good time. Duncan and Annabel firmly believe that their formula of supplying their own Patangata Station beef and lamb to their butcher shop (situated just 15kms away from the farm) is a simple, but effective one.

The opportunity to share their products with others is one to be treasured and they are excited to be running pure Angus cattle and Suffolk-Texel ewe lambs specifically for the customers. They can control quality and quantity of supply. Patangata Station is a supplier to a select few restaurants; chefs appreciate the quality beef and lamb produced at the Station by people who have been born on the land. The personal care they receive from their award-winning butchery team makes Patangata Station such a sought after supplier.

We farm gender specific, breed specific, size specific animals for the Butchery. That means when you eat a lamb chop or a lamb sausage you know that it is a Suffolk-Texel ewe lamb (which translates to a ‘meat breed lamb and a female’), so you know you are getting the juiciest, tenderest, tastiest chop possible, not a male lamb which can have tainting and differing characteristics.

Beef is also specific to breed, gender and size, resulting in pure Angus heifers that have marbling characteristics with tender juicy flavours. Duncan and Annabel know they can build consistency of quality and quantity because they are serving up the same breed, gender and size of animal every day. This is unique to Patangata Station.

Duncan Smith is a 3rd generation Central Hawke’s Bay landowner, farming sheep and beef animals. He is passionate about the land, the stock, and being in a position to provide consistent quality beef and lamb.

Like his father Alec, and his father before him, Robert Smith, Duncan has grown to love the Agri-industry and the life that comes with it. Farming in Central Hawke’s Bay has been in the Smith family’s blood for 80 years. And now, via The Waipawa Butchery shop, his family can provide the opportunity for discerning customers to experience the exceptional, quality beef and lamb that is fed on lush green plantain, clovers and quality grasses from the beautiful nutrient rich paddocks of Patangata.

Annabel Tapley-Smith is from the deep south, having grown up in Queenstown where her parents Bill and Caroline Tapley started one of New Zealand’s first tourism attractions called the Cattledrome.

This was a business that presented 14 different breeds live on-stage to showcase the importance of good pasture growth and management. The same methods are practiced today by Annabel and Duncan.

Patangata Station’s beef and lamb is processed by a local Hawke’s Bay owned toll processing plant. The Patangata Station’s little black chiller truck quietly makes its way up to the processing plant each week to collect the whole sheep and cattle carcasses.

They then deliver the meat to the Waipawa Butchery shop, where their team of highly skilled and experienced butchers set to work creating special cuts of meat for their customers. Everything is broken down by hand, the old school way.

Patangata Station’s beef and lamb is available from 72 High Street, Waipawa. For those that cannot get to Hawke’s Bay, there is the online shop or you can dine at one of the few special restaurants that Duncan and Annabel have chosen to partner with.

All their beef and lamb is Hormone free, GM free, Antibiotic free and the Patangata Station animals are treated with the respect and care that they deserve.

We are a small production house with only 15 Beef & Lamb boxes available per day. Dismiss