Sausage Ingredient Guide

Contains Gluten: made with Wheat flour, salt, beef, bacon, pork, cheese

  • Crumbed Beef / Pork / Beef / Beef & Bacon / Chunky Cheese (contains dairy)

Low Gluten: made with Rice flour, salt, lamb, beef, pork, mint, chilli, fennel, onion, garlic, herbs, blue cheese, tomato

  • Lamb & Mint / Old English / Herb & Garlic / Texan Chilli / Pork & Fennel / Merguez thin

Low Gluten: made with Maize flour, salt, beef, onion, blue cheese (contains dairy)

  • Blue Cheese (contains dairy) / Steak & Onion

Low Gluten: made with Tapioca starch (extracted from the cassava root as a binding ingredient), salt, feta, olive, garlic, lamb

  • Greek Feta Olive thin

Low Gluten: made with Potato Starch, salt, beef, pork

Gluten Free: made with Rice flour, salt and beef  – IDEAL FOR Celiac’s

  • Beef
  • Kransky (75% pork / 25% beef)
  • Chorizo (50% pork / 50% beef)

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