Just the two of Us



This is is perfect meat box to take with you on a holiday getaway, or meat for the two of you, just grab some fresh salad and veg, and you have enough for over a week. There’s plenty of variety with different meat options from chicken to lamb, beef, roasts and sausages, totalling nine main meals (you might even have some leftovers for the next day). Amazing value! What will you cook tonight?


550gm Lamb Mini Roast

500gm Beef Mince

500gm Chicken Breast

2 x 25ogm Angus Beef Porterhouse

500gm Beef Schnitzel

4 x Pork Medallions

700gram Mint Marinated Butterflied Lamb

500gm  Lamb Merguez Sausages

500gm Pork Belly Slices


    We are a small production house with only 15 Beef & Lamb boxes available per day. Dismiss