Patangata Station is in the unique position that it owns the local butcher shop – Waipawa Butchery is located 15kms away from The Station, all of the stations top quality beef and lamb sold in the Butchery comes from exclusively from Patangata Station.


Patangata Station is a supplier to a select few restaurants; Chefs appreciate the quality Beef and Lamb produced at the station, the personal care they receive from our award winning butchery team and the heritage which makes Patangata Station such a sought after supplier.

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Christmas Ham

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Our extremely delicious Christmas hams are hand prepared in store by our team of dedicated butchers; we smoke them over Manuka wood chips to give that traditional flavour.

We source all our hams from PigCare™ accredited New Zealand Pork.

Half Ham: $95
Whole Ham: $190

*Prices are Approximate as they are at a weighed price of $14.90 per kg

We do offer a delivery option to any town or city in the North Island, local delivery prices start at $5 through to $25  for the North Island. If you choose the delivery option you will pay a set full price for a ham upon ordering. We delivery to the South Island, please contact us via email for South Island delivery.

If you want to pick up from our Waipawa or Havelock North Butcheries, you will pay a deposit online ($50 for half a ham, and $100 for a whole ham) and the remainder on pick up.

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We are a small production house with only 15 Beef & Lamb boxes available per day. Dismiss